Laser Innovations is proud to be the first to offer this New "drop-in" 488nm Solid State Laser system; for easy replacement of the old Air-Cooled Argon Ion laser system found within many OEM applications.

This new Model (LI-488-20-BD) of Solid State laser is specifically designed to replace your "noisy little hair dryer" Argon Air-cooled OEM laser found within your Becton Dickinson FACS brand, and Beckman Coulter bench top instruments and analyzers.

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New 488nm Solid State Laser - (complete system shown)

Special introductory price - Please contact us for availability

Look for our new laser system at ISAC 2004. 

"The availability of a reliable solid-state replacement laser represents a turning point in benchtop flow cytometry. The convenience of reduced size and heat output combined with long lifetimes and excellent beam qualities in this 20mW 488nm unit makes it the obvious choice when replacing older ion lasers or upgrading FACS instrumentation. The beta units performed admirably in our lab and the final product is representative of the quality workmanship we've come to expect from Laser Innovations."
                               Alan Saluk, Director, TSRI Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Old 488nm Argon Ion Air-Cooled Laser - (complete system shown)

Commonly replaced models of Argon Ion Air-cooled laser systems:

  • Spectra Physics
    Model 161B-050
    Model 161B-070
    Model 161C-030
    Model 161C-458
    Model 162A
    Model 163-A12
    Model 163-C12
    Model 163-D12
    Model 177-G12
    Model 183-D12
    Model 183P-D12
    Model 185-F12
    Model 185P-F12

  • JDS Uniphase / Cyonics
    2210 series
    2211 series
    2214 Series
    Ultra series

  • American series
    Model 60X

  • Melles Griot
    IMA series
    543 series

Specifications and Requirements


Wavelength:488 nm 2 nm
Output power:20 mW @ 488 nm
Polarization:Linear, > 100:1
Noise (RMS):20 Hz - 20 KHz: <1%
Pointing stability (over 2 hours): 
Temperature range 3C, after warm-up:<30rad
Power stability:<2% over 2 hours
Maximum warm-up time:< 5 minutes
Longitudinal modes:Single frequency
Fundamental beam emission:<0.1 mW (<0.5%)
Transverse modes:M< 1.2, TEM00
Beam waist diameter (@ 1/e):0.65 mm to 0.75 mm
Astigmatism:25% of RR
Ellipticity:0.9 to 1.1
Beam divergence (full angle):< 1.2 mrad
Operating temperature:4C to 40 C
Maximum baseplate temperature:55C
Altitude:0 to 10,000 ft
Relative humidity (w/o condensation):0 to 90%
Shock:25 g (for 11ms)
Input power:+ 10.8 to 15 VDC
Line voltage:115 VAC, 60 Hz
Ripple:<5% peak to peak
Line regulation:<0.5%

Points of Interest, a side-by-side Comparison


Solid State

Air-Cooled Argon Ion

Heat GenerationLess than 60 WattsOver 2,000 Watts
Environmental CompensationNoneAir-conditioning
Lab ModificationsNoneVenting / Duct work
Noise PollutionNone(Fans) Low Frequency
Expected Lifetimes30-40,000 hours2-8,000 hours
Electricity ConsumptionLess than 100 Watts~2500 Watts
3 Year Cost Comparison$13,726.00$46,200.00
Warranty5,000 hours / 12 months2-5,000 hours / 6-12 months

3 Year Cost Comparison
Solid State Laser (LI-488-20-BD)
 Argon Ion Laser; initial cost of ownership is$16,500.00 
 488nm Laser; initial cost of ownership is$11,786.00 
 An initial savings of$4,714.00 

Air-Cooled Argon Ion Laser
        Warranty 5,000 hours, or 12 months
Initial cost of laser is $16,500.00. (OEM / B&D / Coulter / suggested list price)
Laser head replacement = $8,500.00

Lack of throughput due to Low Power condition & Downtime waiting for the new laser tube replacement approximately 28 days or 160 hours x $90.00/hour = $14,400.00

Average output power is 17mWatts of 488nm
Electricity is (5.4Kw) ~ $6,800.00

          $46,200.00 - Total Cost of ownership, or
          $15,400.00 - per year

488nm Solid State
        Warranty unlimited hours, or 24 months
Initial cost of Laser is $11,786.00.

Laser head replacements are Zero (0). Downtime will not be an issue.

Average output power is 20mWatts (Constant)
Electricity is ~$2,000.00

          $13,726.00 - Total Cost of ownership

$32,474.00 - Total Savings

$10,825.00 - Total Annual Savings

The average usable lifetime of an argon ion laser is approximately 5000 hours, upon which the average end of life power observed is ~5-10 mW of 488nm.  In order to achieve the desired
15 mW at the fluorescence point within the machine, the average laser needs to run at approximately 20+ mW at the head to counter the usual optical path losses, such as the external steering mirrors, optics, and lenses found in the machine.  In order to maintain this desired power level for peak performance, the tube current must be continuously raised over the life of the laser.

The solid state laser has an initial output power of 20 mW and remains at 20 mW after 5000 hours.  Additionally, there is no discernible increase in the utility requirements such as those required by an aging argon ion laser to maintain output power.

** Pricing subject to change.

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